Our power to make change comes from working together.


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To give by cheque: make payable to "Coast Protectors

Mail c/o The Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs
209 - 345 Chief Alex Thomas Way
Kamloops, BC, V2H-1H1 Canada

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Thomas A Ross
Saara Siddiiq
Jolanda Bienz
Susan Jeffery
Denis Jetten
Alain Raoul
Cheyenne Arnold-Cunningham
Victoria Yusibova
Connie Boles
Elisabeth Morrison
Melissa Vespoli
Marilyn Machum
margo may taylor
Lindsay ODonnell
Maggi Cheetham
Janet Weiten
Alexandra Naylor
Susan & DAllas McQuarrie
Sandi Hill
Eric Walberg
A Humphrey
Daryl Hutchings
Audrey Berend
richard laprade
Daryl Hutchings
Daryl Hutchings
Peter Burkhardt
Sue Guttenstein
Janet Fenby
ruth pickering

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