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To give by cheque: make payable to "Coast Protectors

Mail c/o The Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs
209 - 345 Chief Alex Thomas Way
Kamloops, BC, V2H-1H1 Canada

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Kathryn Walton-Elliott
Kimi Hawkes
Sarah Gayman
Mark Young
Brian Miles
Nicola Holmes
Graham Johnson
Brian Champ
Susan Leech
robear lebaron
Richard Palmer
Rebekah Grant
Janet Duckworth
Patricia Ludwick
Briony Penn
Barry Welsh
Ashley Slater
Jessica and Joe Klein
carissa kasper
Reynold Reimer
Meaghan Hawes
Liz Newton
Fumi Torigai
stephen Ife
Wayne Myles
Giles Whitaker
Kris Sittheeamorn
Herbert Srolovitz
Lee Hammond

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