Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is running an inquiry into who is funding opposition to the tar sands and the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project. Well, Mr Kenney, you needn't look any further. It's us. And we will not be intimidated.

Donate to stop Trans Mountain, in Jason Kenney's name:

Who's donating

Andrew Millen
Barry Bennett
Teresa Carter
richard shore
Lora Barry
Michel Paturel
Catherine Anderson
Gloria Pancrazi
Andre Jolicoeur
Glen Porter
A. Katherine Duperron
Gidget Lowther
patrick coll
Dorothy Field
Kelly Carson
Charles Montpetit
Sarah Mangle
Sydney Langhelt
Jinhi Ahn
douglas Dobbyn
gabe martin
Catherine Alpha
Ken Ashdown
Joanne Clarke
stephanie kalacis
Jean-Robert Primeau
Gail Fraser
Emily Litster
Jennifer Jordan
Bonita Poulin

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