Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is running an inquiry into who is funding opposition to the tar sands and the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project. Well, Mr Kenney, you needn't look any further. It's us. And we will not be intimidated.

Donate to stop Trans Mountain, in Jason Kenney's name: or use 

Who's donating

Toni Stanick
Dave Street
george david Bruce
Audrey Berend
Catherine Oliver
Gary Ockenden
Barb Hunt
Cathy Fortin
Janie Blatchford
Tanis Laird
Joanne Manley
Dzung Vo
Karen Byrne
Ric Martin
Laurie Sherman
Linda Cartland
Nan MacArthur
julia lane
Joseph Fall
Krista Gordon
Jay Van de Wint
Mary-Lynn Arturi
donald pharand
Julien Lafaille
Jason Kenney the forester
Christopher Hynes
Lynne York
Angela Mellor
Joanne Fairley
Maryanne McFarlane

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