Kinder Morgan Erects Razor Wire Fences in Burrard Inlet

Kinder Morgan fence "militaristic and sinister"

The razor wire fences we first spotted in Burrard Inlet last month have been attached to the safety boom surrounding Kinder Morgan's supertanker terminal.

The large floating construction fence with razor wire on top was installed 350 metres into Burrard Inlet in preparation for work on an expanded Kinder Morgan oil supertanker terminal.

Bob Putnam, co-owner of Deep Cove Kayak, said he was out kayaking in the area of Admiralty Point on Monday when he noticed the fence, made up of heavy-duty wire mesh strung between large floats installed in the inlet adjacent to Kinder Morgan’s Westridge oil terminal.

Putnam said the large floating fence, warnings, and razor wire “just kind of seemed over the top. … It’s all very militaristic and sinister.”


If the Federal Court of Appeals decides that the federal government did not fulfill its constitutional duty to consult with First Nations, the federal approval of Kinder Morgan would be quashed and the Trudeau government would have to decide whether or not to start again from scratch, something First Nations, local community members and conservation organizations have been calling for since the Harper government lost power. 

“I think it’s ridiculous that we’re still in court and they’re going ahead like it’s still a done deal,” said Rueben George, a spokesman for the Sacred Trust initiative put together by the Tsleil-Waututh to co-ordinate opposition to the pipeline.

“When someone puts up a balcony on their house, they go through more permitting than Kinder Morgan has. There’s no consultation at all.” (Read more at the North Shore News)


Until the final route is set and permits are issued by the National Energy Board, Westridge Tanker terminal and the Burnaby tank farm are the only places where Kinder Morgan can legally begin construction, but there may not be a permit for this fence.

Coast Protectors and other groups are investigating and we will keep you posted.

The new BC government has issued a directive to Kinder Morgan forbidding any construction on public land, including brush clearing, constructing worker camps, or preventing salmon from spawning by putting plastic snow fences in salmon spawning streams.

Two weeks ago, the #StopKM Flotilla paddled kayaks and canoes from the village site of Whey ah-Wichen/Cates Park to the waters off the supertanker terminal to disrupt construction.

Five were arrested putting their bodies on the line to stop Kinder Morgan -- you can contribute to the Legal Fund here:


Watch the highlights from October 28:

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Local business calls #KinderMorgan fence in Burrard Inlet "militaristic and sinister" #StopKM
Kinder Morgan Erects Razor Wire Fences in Burrard Inlet
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