Razor Wire Fences in Burrard Inlet



What is Kinder Morgan scared of?


These quintuple-strength razor wire fences are shocking to see in a country at peace. 

fence_2.jpg   fence_3.jpg


Friends keeping an eye on the water sent the above photos to Coast Protectors. The razor wire fences are situated about five kilometres by boat from Kinder Morgan's Westridge Tanker Terminal, and are very likely about to be towed there.

The current Westridge Tanker Terminal can service one tanker at a time - the plans call for three berths, built larger for the Aframax tankers that service West Coast shipping lanes to heavy oil refineries in Washington and California. 

Kinder Morgan is rushing to get past the point of no return.

There's an excellent chance that the whole project will be cancelled if the Federal Court of Appeals decides that the federal government did not fulfill its constitutional duty to First Nations (the case wrapped about two weeks ago, the judgment could take anywhere from 4-8 months).

Kinder Morgan knows that the further along they are, the better their case will be that they should be allowed to proceed, no matter what the court says.

This is the only part of the whole project that they're allowed to work on until the final route is set and permits are issued by the National Energy Board. The new BC government has issued a directive to Kinder Morgan forbidding any construction on public land, including brush clearing, constructing worker camps, or preventing salmon from spawning by putting plastic snow fences in salmon spawning streams.

So far, the oversight of this project has been dismal. It was a community member in Abbotsford who reported Kinder Morgan's blatant offense against wild salmon to the National Energy Board (NEB) and the NEB told Kinder Morgan to deal with it themselves, on their own schedule - no fines, no censure. 

We need to focus attention and heat on the one place they can start construction - so we're gathering on Saturday to launch a flotilla from Cates Park/Whey ah-Wichen. Will you join us? www.StopKMFlotilla.ca



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Kinder Morgan's razor wire fences in Burrard Inlet demand a response #StopKM #StopKMflotilla
Razor Wire Fences in Burrard Inlet
We are #CoastProtectors. Whatever it takes, we will stop #KinderMorgan's pipeline. #StopKM. Join us: