Indigenous Resistance Can Stop Pipelines



After federal and provincial approvals, how do we continue to fight Kinder Morgan? Join Clayton Thomas-Muller of, Eriel Deranger of Indigenous Climate Action and Chief Bob Chamberlin of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC), with moderator Karen Mahon of as they trace paths for potential mass civil resistance to pipelines and the crucial role of Indigenous leadership in the climate movement.

Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline was approved by government, but First Nations lawsuits eventually killed it. Resistance forced Obama to cancel Keystone XL before Trump gave it the green light, but Nebraskans vow that pipeline will never be built. Massive resistance at Standing Rock to the Dakota Access Pipeline sparked a “Water is Life” movement that is growing every day. Across Turtle Island, Indigenous resistance is powerful force to stop pipelines.

Ways you can join the movement to stop Kinder Morgan and catastrophic climate change: 

Become a Coast Protector:
Support Indigenous Climate Action:
Fund the Coldwater and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations lawsuits challenging Kinder Morgan approval:





"Indigenous Resistance Can Stop Pipelines," Coast Protectors and Kinder Morgan
Indigenous Resistance Can Stop Pipelines
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