Action Alert: Takeover Virtual Leaders' Summit on Climate

Flood social media with #StopTMX during the global climate summit


Today Justin Trudeau is headed to President Biden’s hotly anticipated global climate summit and will be doing his best to look like a climate leader. But we know better: Canada’s emissions are rising, the Liberals handed over $18 billion to the fossil fuel industry since the pandemic began - oh, and they bought a pipeline. 

So here’s the plan: when Trudeau and his team go online this week to talk up his climate action, we’ll be there to make it clear that as long as he champions the climate-wrecking, money-losing Trans Mountain pipeline, he will be a climate hypocrite, not a climate leader.

You can help out no matter where you live or who your MP is. We're flooding the #EarthDay2021 hashtag to remind the world that Climate Leaders Don't Build Pipelines! 


Let's go!

TAKE a #StopTMX selfie --> 

FIND politicians on social media -->

Add your CAPTION -->




Take a selfie - the basics 


  • Upload to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Write your caption (including your challenge to friends)
  • Include these hashtags: #TrudeauStopTMX #Earthday2021 
  • Post!


…go beyond basic!

  • Add some accessories! Make visual reminders of what we are fighting to protect -  the water, your kids, the whales, your pets -- anything threatened by a toxic spill of tar sands oil into the waters of the Salish Sea. 
  • Signs, shirts, art, people, offerings from nature - create your selfie to reflect your love of Mother Earth.
  • Everything is threatened by climate catastrophe. On behalf of who and what we love, demand Justin Trudeau cancel Trans Mountain. 
  • All your emotions are valid - from love of Mother Earth, to anger at its ruin. Think about why you first took action to stop TMX. Make reference to how long you’ve been fighting this toxic pipeline if the spirit moves you! 
  • Make it personal - then tag a friend to take a selfie action too! Tag up to ten people on twitter and more on Facebook and Instagram - get your whole scene involved!


Caption Ideas


Every good selfie has a few words. If you find yourself stuck, here are some prompts for writing your caption

Why are you tweeting Justin Trudeau? Tell your followers exactly why you are demanding that Trudeau to take meaningful action on climate and #StopTMX.

  • Our grandchildren demand Canada stop trying to have it both ways - stop building a #TarSands pipeline, @JustinTrudeau! #TrudeauStopTMX #Earthday2021

  • My kids will judge me by the things we did to slow down the #ClimateEmergency. @JustinTrudeau, #DoTheRightThing 

  • #Climate leaders don’t build new #tarsands pipelines - @JustinTrudeau is a #ClimateCriminal, not a #ClimateHero #TrudeauStopTMX #Earthday2021

  • I am a #ClimateVoter - nothing else matters if the world burns. @JustinTrudeau #StopTMX #TrudeauStopTMX #Earthday2021

  • Be a #ClimateChampion, not a #ClimateCriminal - @JustinTrudeau, cancel the #TransMountain pipeline! #StopTMX #TrudeauStopTMX #Earthday2021

  • We are responsible to the next #SevenGenerations. #TrudeauStopTMX #ClimateCriminal #EarthDay2021

  • The best time to stop burning fossils was 50 years ago - the next best time is now. #TrudeauStopTMX #StopTMX #Earthday2021

Target politicians on social media

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
  • Cabinet Ministers leading the climate file: Steven Guilbeault, Jonathan Wilkinson, Catherine McKenna, Seamus O’Regan
  • Liberal influencers Gerald Butts, Mark Carney
























Post as often as you can this week. Thursday is the climate summit and the most important day, but continuing on Friday or over the weekend is still useful. Use any channel you feel comfortable with, but we know candidates and journalists pay more attention to Twitter.


  • Post a graphic from the folder, a #StopTMX selfie or a text-only tweet and include politicians’ Twitter handles as above


  • Pick a recent post on the politician’s page and add a comment - this could be a text post or a graphic
  • Post a graphic, selfie or comment to your wall and tag politicians


  • Pick a recent post on the politician’s feed and add a comment - this could be a text post or a graphic
  • Post a graphic or selfie to your feed and tag politicians
  • Send direct messages to politicians - these could be text or graphics

Don’t forget to use the hashtags!

You can also re-share from Dogwood and Coast Protectors throughout the day on Thursday.



Follow the Frontlines

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