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Jason Kenney just announced a year-long inquiry into opposition to the expansion of Alberta's tar sands, including opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline saying, “Its main tactics have been disinformation and defamation, litigation, public protests and political lobbying." Read more

Jason Kenney is complaining about political lobbying?

  • Research by the CCPA-BC showed that between 2011 and 2016 combined BC and federal lobbying efforts totaled 826 contacts over six years (not to mention those in Alberta that we do not have information about). This amounts to about one contact every two business days during that period. Read more 
  • The largest five stock market listed oil and gas companies spend nearly $200 million a year lobbying to delay, control or block policies to tackle climate change. Read more

Jason Kenney is complaining about grassroots groups?

  • Resource Works is an industry-funded British Columbian organization that pushes for petroleum projects. Strategy document obtained by Maclean’s shows its priority for 2019 is to “work with major groups on showing the contributions and risks of jeopardizing B.C.’s and Alberta’s oil sands, oil and gas pipelines and LNG and natural gas.” Part of the plan is to put pressure on environmentalists. “Put more scrutiny on organizations that are going after resource sector—transparency of the donors, publicize,” the document says.
  • Resource Works is mostly funded by the Business Council of BC, but documents obtained by Maclean’s show, though, that Resource Works is partly funded by Devon Energy, an Oklahoma oil company that donates millions to American Republicans. Devon provided Resource Works with $27,500 of its projected budget of $505,000 in 2019. Read more
  • Astroturf groups like Canada Proud, Canada Strong, Oil Sands Proud, Canada Action and a host of others are funded by industry to fight any regulation of the oil and gas industry and smear those working for the environment or the climate. Read more

Jason Kenney is complaining about "foreign-funded interference"?

  • Awkward fact, it's not "foreign-funded" groups that have stymied pipeline construction, it's the courts.
  • The Federal Court of Appeals condemned not just the failures of the Canadian government on Indigenous consultations, but the refusal of the NEB to consider marine impacts of increased tanker traffic through the coastal waters that are home to the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales. 
  • Canadians funded the Pull Together initiative that raised almost a million dollars to fund the litigation that was eventually successful opposing Enbridge's Northern Gateway and then another almost a million to support the Nations and litigants opposing Kinder Morgan's, now Canada's, Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project. Read more

Jason Kenney is complaining about public protests?

  • Free speech is a fundamental value of democracy. 
  • It is undemocratic, authoritarian, and frankly scary to oppose the right to public protest.

Jason Kenney is complaining about disinformation?

  • He said, “We’re so nice, we tend to be apologetic and I think they understood that this country, among all the major energy producers, would be the most easily intimidated by this campaign. And you know what? They were right.” News flash - major oil and gas companies are making record profits, pay their executives large salaries and have well-funded and staffed PR divisions. Read more
  • The Alberta government spent millions on ads touting the Trans Mountain pipeline. Read more And More And Even More


Why do we oppose Trans Mountain and expanding the tar sands?

No Consent

The government has a legal duty to consult First Nations, meaningfully. 

The Canadian government pledged to fully support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). It calls for Indigenous groups to have the right to free, prior and informed consent before resource development projects proceed across their lands.

Anyone who wants to build a pipeline through Indigneous territory must have the consent of the title holders. 

If Jason Kenney has difficulty with this, imagine if you wanted to run a waterslide through a suburban development of 50 backyards. You would need the permission of every homeowner to go through their backyard. The majority does not rule and if one backyard says no, your waterslide is not going through. 

New court cases from First Nations have already been filed. This pipeline will not be built. Read more

Spills Risk

Besides polluting the beaches and coastal waters that our coastal economies rely on (think fishing, film and tv production and tourism) the risk to whales, salmon and a host of other fish and animals is grave. 

"My concern is, and that of my colleagues, is that a lot of those studies haven't yet been conducted on the basic toxicity that these different bitumen products might have on different organisms in the marine ecosystem.
- Dr. Wendy Palen, Associate Professor of Ecology of Aquatic Communities at Simon Fraser University

Read More


Canada is on track to falling 79 megatons short of its climate targets in 2030 without adding new infrastructure like the Trans Mountain pipeline. New research published in the journal Nature Communications in April 2019 demands that previous pollution estimates of the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project must be revised upwards by 64%. Read more

All research to calculate the greenhouse gas pollution of the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project have used this now-outdated data. 

A rough estimate shows the revised carbon cost for extraction, processing, and refining the total 890,000 barrels per day of the entire project, including the expansion, to be around 34 - 43 Mt of greenhouse gas pollution every year, or around the emissions of 7,218,684 - 9,129,512 new personal vehicles added to the road every year.

If you include the end user burning and dumping into the atmosphere the climate cost is around 71.1 Mts, about the same as adding 15,095,541 cars to the roads every year. 

This is a climate emergency -- and it's time to act like it.

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