Coast Protectors event April 18: Mother Earth Week


You can follow along with this guide, which contains the actions we took and ways to get involved in both the fight to stop Line 3 and the fight to stop the Tran Mountain pipeline and tanker project. 

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Follow Along with the April 14 Coast Protectors event: 

Mother Earth Day: Indigenous Leadership and the Climate Movement (scroll down)↓

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First things first...

Whose land are you on? If you don’t know, and you’re on Turtle Island, go to, find your location and zoom in, then post in the zoom chat.

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Fundraising for the Frontlines

Host an Action to #DefundLine3 on May 7

Digital Action: Tell Canadian Banks to #DefundLine3

--> then tweet about it

TMX Insurance Action

Support & Follow the Frontlines


Fundraising for the Frontlines

Donate, right now: 👉 Tiny House Warriors:


Braided Warriors:


The Indigenous youth who blockaded the entrances to Liberty Mutual and Chubb's offices in so-called Vancouver on Wednesday are courageous land and water protectors holding Trans Mountain's insurers accountable for their complicity in Indigenous rights violations. Canadian folks can support via e-transfers to [email protected], a US-based online fundraiser for legal and medical costs is coming soon. 


Line 3 Water Protectors Legal Defense Fund (tax deductible in US):


DONATE NOW! We have a dedicated legal support team in Minnesota from the Centre for Protest Law who are covering Line 3 bail and legal support for Water Protectors:


Host an Action to #DefundLine3 on May 7

Stop the Money Pipeline is calling for a Global Day of Action to #DefundLine3 on May 7, 2021. Water Protectors are asking for Covid-safe #DefundLine3 protests at a bank branch near you. Get inspiration and planning tips from the Take Action Toolkit -- then register your event on Action Network

👉 Take Action Toolkit 👈

👉 Action Network Page 👈


Major banks ― including JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, CitiBank, TD Bank and the Royal Bank of Canada ― have loaned billions of dollars to Enbridge so that it can build Line 3.

Those banks are profiting from Line 3. They are enabling it. They are complicit in it. And they will be held accountable.

Join the Global Day of Action to #DefundLine 3


Digital Action: Tell Canadian Banks to #DefundLine3

Canadian banks RBC, TD, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank and CIBC are providing a major part of the financing for Enbridge and its Line 3 tar sands pipeline. 

Send a direct email to their CEOs now to demand that they stop funding the toxic Line 3 pipeline. Your email will go directly to the inboxes of the CEOs of the Canadian banks funding Line 3.

Go to:

Now tweet about it!

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Or write your own: 

Tell the Canadian banks pouring billions into #Line3 to drop @Enbridge and stop financing #ClimateChaos.

#StopTheMoneyPipeline #FossilBanksNoThanks #DefundFossils 


TMX Insurance Action

Send an email to executives to demand that Liberty stop insuring fossil fuel expansion and respect Indigenous rights now.

Email AIG - Stop Insuring Trans Mountain Pipeline:

More Insurance Campaign actions:

Digital Organizing Toolkit: Trans Mountain & Insurance

Swarm Liberty's social media accounts:

Watch the rally from April 14:

Support & Follow the Frontlines

(Are we missing an Indigenous-led group that should be included? Comment or send an email to [email protected])

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