'We walk up here every single day!' Kinder Morgan Harasses Burnaby Hikers

This video was taken while Kinder Morgan was in court dismissing claims that their request for a half a football field no-go zone around Kinder Morgan's property would affect popular hiking trails and dog-walking paths, and soccer fields in the injunction zone.

“This will not stop people from walking on paths with their dogs,” Killoran said. “Trans Mountain isn’t targeting people who are going about their daily business, walking their dogs, driving their cars. No one is looking to make people uncomfortable in their homes... Our intention is not to make the average citizen who is walking their dog, compromised in any way.” (Read more here)

Kinder Morgan representative: "Once you have, you'll be notified of this court injunction as you cannot be within 50 metres of the Kinder Morgan property. However, I won't physically restrain you."

Local shero #1: "We walk here every single day!"

Local shero #2: Oh I want to be physically restrained!

Local shero #1: "Okay! If you want me to be taken away, I'll be taken away!"