Why I Got Arrested on Burnaby Mountain to Stop Kinder Morgan


Violet Williams, 18, 

"On Thursday April 12 I was arrested at Kinder Morgan's gates. I participated in this protest and sat with two amazing women who also were arrested. As I sat at the gates, the supporting group sang the women's warrior song for us, it was at this moment when the police were in a line in front of us I knew that I was going to fully be arrested I had felt the pride and pain of my ancestors on my shoulders leading me through the world.

I listened to that song thinking of my mom and thinking for my children and their children and theirs. I live my life knowing that everything we do has an impact on this world. I hope to leave this world leaving a big foot print of activism and social justice.

I want this pipeline to never go through.

We talked after and said even the small wins are wins. We were able to stop Kinder Morgan from working for 3 hours today.

I am doing this work so my grandchildrens' grandchildren can walk on this earth. I want them to know what fresh fish tastes like and how to live off the land.

This world is dying and this pipeline will do no help to BC. Not BCs economy, nor BCs coast. Once there is a spill there will be no coming back, it's already poisonous to swim in the inlet. And there will be absolutely no room for 150+ tankers in the area.

Please help take action against this pipeline if not for you, for your children, nieces and nephews, aunties and uncles, cousins and friends. Please look at the larger picture and help save mother earth. Thank you for reading this."




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